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How to use Insert IGNORE in laravel

22 August, 2019
Insert Ignore is very relevant and useful feature in laravel . It avoid duplicate entry in database . but for this make column unique in table. For the job you need to create a new Grammar that will h...

How to use array_search between two array in php

13 August, 2019
In this am discussing a topic that we faced normally in our coding ie: "array_search" among two or more array .let me discuss with an example:Suppose we have two array named array1 and array2 , in arr...

Xero APP Type Details

12 August, 2019
Today we discuss about different type of XERO APP. Xero provide three type of APP's
.1.)Private APP.
2.)Public APP
3.)Partner APP.
Each app have own features.Lets see one by one.
A.) P...

How to get bank transactions using Xero API

12 August, 2019
We can get the bank transactions from xero using api. If you using the Private APP then first you add your app details into private app like secret key,client id, app name etc.Then we canget bank tran...

How To Use Curl in Wordpress

12 August, 2019
Now a day almost in every project use third party api and we call the api using curl.Curl provided GET,POST,PUT,DELETE method to perform the action accordingly.Today we discuss how to use curl in word...
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