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Run javascript function when user finishes typing instead of on key up

In this, I will explain to use done typing function in jquery instead of using keyup. If you don't want to hit ajax at each character pressing use this function. This function commonly used in searching.

Code Block Example


        donetyping: function(callback,timeout){
            timeout = timeout || 1e3; // 1 second default timeout
            var timeoutReference,
                doneTyping = function(el){
                    if (!timeoutReference) return;
                    timeoutReference = null;
            return this.each(function(i,el){
                var $el = $(el);
                // Chrome Fix (Use keyup over keypress to detect backspace)
                // thank you @palerdot
                $':input') && $el.on('keyup keypress paste',function(e){
                    // This catches the backspace button in chrome, but also prevents
                    // the event from triggering too preemptively. Without this line,
                    // using tab/shift+tab will make the focused element fire the callback.
                    if (e.type=='keyup' && e.keyCode!=8) return;

                    // Check if timeout has been set. If it has, "reset" the clock and
                    // start over again.
                    if (timeoutReference) clearTimeout(timeoutReference);
                    timeoutReference = setTimeout(function(){
                        // if we made it here, our timeout has elapsed. Fire the
                        // callback
                    }, timeout);
                    // If we can, fire the event since we're leaving the field

jQuery('.fillCityList').donetyping(function() {